Extended Pauper League – My Tournament Video Replay Analysis

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Big thanks to all who helped put on this event and especially Bava for running it!  The format was very diverse from my experience, which sparked a lot of creativity in deck construction.  I heard Roberto made something around 43 decks, which is beyond sweet. I came up with seven – Wb Auras, BUG FlickerGate, 4-Color FlickerGate, Mono-Red Blitz, Mono-Black Devotion, Dimir Delver/Angler, and Selesnya Hexproof/Heroic.  I was most impressed by the 5-Color Hexproof deck from Pierakor.  I loved the power level of the format and would enjoy exploring the meta-game more, but alas we must move on to a different league, which likely means a different format.

Welp, I hope you guys enjoy my video replays (click on the graphic above to go to the YouTube videos). Feedback, criticism, thoughts on lines of play, and ideas for improving my deck construction are all welcome 😀

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