Shadows Over Innistrad Standard Pauper Set Review


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1)Rotation:  Notable cards leaving the format

2)Review Hits and Misses From Oath of the Gatewatch

3)Review Newly Legal Up-Shifted Commons

4)Review Shadows Over Innistrad

5)Color Rankings in Shadows Over Innistrad

6)Top 10 Shadows Over Innistrad Commons


Rotation:  The First of it’s Kind

Both Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged are being eliminated from the standard pool.  Here are the relevant cards that you will not be playing around nor playing with anymore:

White: Mardu Hordecheif, Sandsteppe Outcast

Blue: Disdainful Stroke, Treasure Cruise, Whirlwind Adept, Jeskai Sage, Whisk Away

Black: Gurmag Angler, Sultai Emissary

Red: Goblin Heelcutter, Temur Battle Rage, Arc Lightning*, Pyrotechnics*

Green: Hooting Mandrils, Savage Punch

Multi: Abomination of Gudul


Land:  All 10 gain 1 life duel lands


Upshifted Commons

Reckless Scholar

Mad Prophet

Lightning Axe

Color Ranking
5) Blue
4) White
3) Red
2) Green
1) Black

Top 10

10) Confront the Unknown

9) Shamble Back

8) Byway Courier

7) Twins of Maurer Estate

6) Pieces of the Puzzle

5) Moldgraf Scavenger

4) True-Faith Senser

3) Thraben Inspector

2) Dead Weight

1) Fiery Temper


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