Oath of the Gatewatch Standard Pauper Set Review

Click on the Planeswalker of your choice above for the link to the video containing all of this sweet content:

1)Review Hits and Misses From Battle for Zendikar

2)Review Newly Legal Up-Shifted Commons

3)Review Oath of the Gatewatch

4)Showcase Roberto’s stats site.

5)Color Rankings in Oath

6)Top 10 Oath Commons

7)SPDC Time Change (sponsored by Cardhoarder)

Grading Scale

A = Bad-Ass // Build-Around
(Treasure Cruise, Gurmag Angler, Temur Battle Rage)

B = Solid Playable
(Mardu Hordchief, Eldrazi Skyspawner, Read the Bones, Fiery Impulse, Snapping Gnarlid)

C = Borderline Playable
(Kill Shot, Negate, Disdainful Stroke, Kalastri Healer, Tajuru Stalwart)

D = Borderline Unplayable (potentially good sideboard)
(Erase, Dispel, Rakshasa’s Secret, Boiling Earth, Naturalize)

F = Strictly Unplayable
(The majority of commons fit into this category)

Color Ranking
5) White
4) Green
3) Red
2) Blue
1) Black

Top 10

10)Sweep Away

9)Saddleback Lagac

8)Brute Strength

7)Corpse Churn

6)Isolation Zone


4)Umara Entangler

3)Oblivion Strike

2)Slip Through Space

1)Grasp of Darkness


BONUS:   Now LEGAL – Commons that have been up-shifted in rarity in Standard

Arc Lightning
Cruel Revival
Death Wind
Fiery Conclusion
Grasp of Darkness
Knightly Valor
Pilgrim’s Eye
Rolling Thunder
Runed Servitor
Sigiled Starfish
Strider Harness
Totem-Guide Hartebeest


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