Pillars of the Format – Post BFZ Standard Pauper Metagame Analysis

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+ = recommended for play


Gurmag Angler+, Treasure Cruise+, Sultai Scavenger+, Hooting Mandrills+

Delve Enablers

Evolving Wilds+, Tormenting Voice+, Rakshasa’s Secret, Gurmag Drowner, Scout the Borders, Taigam’s Scheming


Dragon Fodder+, Ghirapur Gearcrafter+, Eldrazi Skyspawner+, Incubator Drone, Eyeless Watcher+, Call the Scions, Sandsteppe Outcast+, Mardu Hordechief+


Kytheon’s Tactics+, Trumpet Blast+, Inspired Charge, War Flare, Swarm Surge, Rush of Battle


Boiling Earth+ (honorable mention Twin Bolt+)



Treasure Cruise+, Read the Bones+, Tormenting Voice+, Artificer’s Epiphany, Weave Fate, Jeskai Sage+, Palace Familiar+, Vulturous Aven+, Altar’s Reap+


Anticipate+, Gurmag Drowner, Seek the Wilds, Scout the Borders


Makindi Sliderunner+, Snapping Gnarlid+, Valakut Predator+, Territorial Baloth, Swell of Growth


Fiery Impulse+, Twin Bolt+, Touch of the Void+, Bathe in Dragonfire, Sarkhan’s Rage+, Boiling Earth+, Arrow Storm, Bring Low, Bone Splinters+, Reave Soul, Debilitating Injury+, Complete Disregard+, Flesh to Dust, Unholy Hunger+, Flatten, Silumgar Butcher+, Gideon’s Reproach, Kill Shot, Sandblast, Sheer Drop, Plummet, Aerial Volley, Claustrophobia, Tightening Coils



Dispel, Negate+, Disdainful Stroke+, Cancel, Spell Shrivel+, Calculated Dismissal, Bone to Ash+, Contradict, Rakshasa’s Disdain


Duress+, Rakshasa’s Secret, Deadbridge Shaman, Mire’s Malice, Nightsnare


Benthic Infiltrator, Mist Intruder, Sludge Crawler, Culling Drone, Dominator Drone


Ruin Processor+, Murk Strider, Oracle of Dust

Unblockable Creatures

Benthic Infiltrator+, Elusive Spellfist+, Coralhelm Guide, Subterranean Scout, Mystic of the Hidden Way

Hexproof Creatures

Conifer Strider, Whirlwind Adept


Celestial Flare

Bounce Effects

Clutch of Currents+, Disperse+, Force Away, Separatist Voidmage, Murk Strider


Time Ebb Effects

Whisk Away+


Abzan Guide, Butcher’s Glee+, Feed the Clan, Sidisi’s Pet, Arashin Cleric+, Student of Ojutai+, Resupply, Courier Griffin, Kalastria Healer, Stone Haven Medic, Cleric of the Forward Order

One-Shot Kill Combos

Nantuko Husk + Subterranean Scout + tokens/creatures

4 Power or more creature + Temur Battle Rage + Pump spells

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