The League Draft Championship Series (LDCS) – Pregame

The last Booster Draft Pro Tour Champion – Jon Finkel. Also just top 4’d PTBFZ like it’s NBD!

Ever since the Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour became a dual format tournament, requiring competitors to complete in both limited and constructed magic, my desire to make it to that stage vanished! (Kuala Lumpur 2008 was the last Booster draft Pro Tour).  It would still be a delightful experience, obviously, but it’s just not realistic for me.  Over the years I have grown to love limited and would rather spend my time and money on things other than “grinding” constructed.

Back when the Pro Tour was separated I would go to every limited local PTQ in a season for a shot at qualifying for a limited only Pro Tour. Constructed PTQs would be my offseason.   This balance prevented burnout.

Nowadays, when I’m lucky enough to spike a sealed PPTQ (for which they are like an endangered species compared to the constructedpalooza that runs amok every single damn weekend), well then – great!  I spiked something that hasn’t amounted to anything professional yet!  Not only does this not qualify me for the coveted limited only Pro Tour – the Regional PTQ that it does invite me to is a different format!  I guess it makes sense, in order to cultivate a realistic expectation of what it will take to succeed at the Pro Tour – but it’s bloody constructed!  Gag me, please.

So it looks like I have a lot to learn if I want to be prepared for this RPTQ in February.  And I will try, but in the back of my head I’ll be thinking “I really just don’t care.”  It isn’t going to fulfill my need to compete in a limited only, master of draft extravaganza tournament.  So here we are.  This is what I have created in order to fulfill the void in my life now that the limited only Pro Tour has been scoured from existence.

The League Draft Championship Series (LDCS)

LDCS Product

My 720 Card, Foil Pauper Cube (complete with homemade wooden briefcase), 24 unique packs for Chaos Draft and 2 boxes of Battle For Zendikar

The inauguration of the League Draft Championship Series will be hosted in San Jose, CA with my draft group next weekend.  Above is the product it will require.  If you would like to start your own league then consider the following a template.

My goals with this tournament series are to be insanely competitive by offering a very top heavy prize structure while also being very casual in that we will be basically partying all day with drinks and good eats and screaming at TVs with footballers playing sportsball on them, too.

With so many formats to play it’s imperative to start early and have a lot of food available so no one needs to leave between drafts – we want to get done before midnight – some of us have to work on Monday.  I expect there to be copious amounts of banter and overly friendly trash-talking.  If you’ve seen The League on FX then you will understand where my inspiration comes from.  *Warning:  Hyperlink above contains graphic material not suitable for all people.

The Tournament: 
8 Person Swiss Bracket
-One day event
-8 players
-Best 2 out of 3 matches
-3 Rounds of Swiss Per Draft
-Play/Draw Rule and Format Choice in effect for Cuts to Top 4 and Bottom 4
-One best of 3 match for Winston 1v1 drafts

Start time: Sunday, Oct 25th.  9am registration (show up and make sure you have eaten some food and have packs or cash on you for tournament entry)

Draft #1 begins @ 9:30am! Very important to start on time – gonna be a long day!
Format #1: Pauper Cube Draft (Cube List)
Format #2: Chaos Draft  (Chaos Pack List)
Format #3: Battle for Zendikar Draft
Top Seed in Winston Rounds gets to choose format between BFZ or cube.  If cube is chosen it has to be the same cube that has been sanctioned for that entire tournament. The 6 packs that would have been cracked had BFZ been chose are now prizes as unopened packs.
90 card Winston piles.  No cards will be repeated throughout the entire day between cube drafts if possible (720 card cube should work for this if only 4 total Winston Cubes are chosen.)
Cut to Top 4:
Seed #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3:  Two 1v1 Winston Drafts
Winners = Winston Draft for the Shiva
Losers = No Shiva for you
Cut to Bottom 4:  
Seed #5 vs #8 and #6 vs #7:  Two 1v1 Winston Drafts
Winners = Safe from the Sacko
Losers = Winston Draft for the Sacko
If you 3-0 in a Swiss Draft, you get all the cards! (except for cube)
If you win the Winston draft, you get all the cards!
Champion of the inaugural League Championship Tournament Series gets the Shiva
Last place gets the Sacko
Shiva and Sacko do not change possession until the next tournament.  They must be proudly displayed on your mantle-place of your abode and you are to change your FaceBook profile picture to said picture (leave it up for at least a week – sound fair?)
The Tournament Series will reconvene after the following large set is released in roughly 6 months.  The cube format will rotate after each tournament, as well. There’s potential to have a tournament every new set release but we’ll see if that frequency is too much to handle or if maybe that would be better.
Current Sanctioned Cube Lists:
Kenyon’s Powered with some Cool Proxies Cube
Jordan’s Sexy Foil Normal-ish Cube
Tournament-Entry Fee:
Provide your own product or pay for your share.
Cube:  Provided
Chaos:  $23 (pay in cash or in current set packs (7 BFZ) or unique packs for future chaos)
BFZ:  3 for BFZ draft, 3 for Winston Round 1, 3 for Winston Round 2 = 9 packs
Grand Total:  ($53) or ($23 + 9 BFZ Packs) or (16 BFZ Packs)
You are welcome to provide your own contributions for food/drinks that you would enjoy sharing.  I will be contributing:
Specialty’s Cookies
Carlo Rossi Sangria
Food Platter Sandwich/Subs
Stay tuned next week when I introduce you to myself and 7 friends with profile pictures, player profiles, and tournament recaps, maybe some Vlog action!  My sample player profile interview questionnaire is as follows:
Previous Magic Accomplishments:
Most Notable Magic Wins:
How Did You Prepare for the LDCS?
What Would Winning the Shiva Mean to You?
What Do You Think the Sacko Punishment Should Be?
Who Do You Think Will Win the Shiva?
Who Do You Think Will Win the Sacko?
What Catchphrase/Taunt/Burn are you best known for?
I would love to hear about other people adopting and expanding upon my idea for the LDCS!  Definitely let me know if you’ve done anything like this with your local draft group in the past or if you have any ideas or experience with how to make it better!
Thanks for reading.
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