Magic Origins Standard Pauper Set Review

A = Bad-Ass // Build-Around
(Treasure Cruise, Grey Merchant of Asphodel, Ghostly Flicker)

B = Playable
(Akroan Skyguard, Nullify, Read the Bones, Lightning Strike, Nessian Asp)

C = Borderline Playable
(Kill Shot, Negate, Bolt of Keranos, Invasive Species)

D = Borderline Unplayable/Potentially Good Sideboard
(Erase, Cancel, Feast of Dreams, Scouring Sands, Naturalize)

F = Strictly Unplayable


Magic Origins Set Review Video

(click on the picture below to follow along)

Color Rank (based on the amount of impact this color will have on the current/new format)

5) Green

4) Blue

3) White

2) Red

1) Black

Top 10 Commons

Honorable Mention

HM) Separatist Voidmage

4 mana Man-o-War kills tokens, resets your own Garys, and unlocks Pacified friends. Could be to expensive but effect has always been strong due to it’s flexibility.

10) Nantuko Husk

I can see a Rakdos tokens, Collateral Damage/Act of Treason deck coming together.  Orzhov Tokens with Mighty Leap could end some games, too.

9) Undead Servant

Get 3 in the yard then play this and re-cast it with bounce effects for a lot of 2/2s – sounds busted for a common.  The setup cost is often so high that you won’t be able to get max value but a Golgari delve shell could put this to good use.

8) Ampryn Tactician

Helps RW tokens push the mid-game by creating a threat that can’t be swept away with Festergloom/Scouring Sands while providing an immediate boost to get damage through or to trade tokens up. Sometimes your creatures are all dead and Trumpet Blast/War Flare is a blank. This card won’t be blank at those times, albeit at the cost of being hit by Nullify/Bone to Ash.

7) Bonded Construct

Great with other aggressive creatures and haste creatures. There are no other 2 power one drops in the format and this can go in any deck, but really only belongs in a mono-colored deck without any enters the battlefield tapped lands.  Welcome to the mono-red squad, Mr. Bond.

6) Cleric of the Forward Order

Clearly only insane if mono-red is top tier but the potential for turn 4 gain 20 total life is too much for any W/x control deck to pass up. (play #1 on turn 2, #2 turn 3, and #3 & #4 on turn 4 without any of them dying or you missing a land drop!)

5) Ghirapur Gearcrafter

Ghirapur Gearcrafter

Sandsteppe Outcast #5-8 will likely grace Boros tokens but the X/1 vulnerability to sweepers might make it too easy to sweep out of the sideboards.  Still solid with Impact Tremors.

4) Mage-Ring Bully

Quite the upgrade to Valley Dasher. Bully will be beating down and the prowess will ensure he is always the biggest kid at school.

3) Fiery Impulse

Cheap removal that can sometimes kill X/3s will help Izzet Control remain top tier, especially after Magma Spray rotates out.

2) Celestial Flare

Finally, we have an answer to hexproof other than Nullify and Disdainful Stroke.  Often easy to play around, white will have to became a base color in an Azorius or Jeskai deck to support this, but I think it will be worth it unless the meta shifts to compensate for it.

1) Reave Soul

The old soul in the art looks quite defeated.  This removal doesn’t quite purify every soul lurking out there but for 2 mana it will often trade up, giving black it’s first efficient and playable 2 mana removal spell since Pharika’s Cure.

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