Izzet Blitz *1st SPDC 28.07*

If you’ve played NFL Blitz in your tender childhood years, then you know what it’s like to lay the smack down with some of the most punishing tackles and flagrant late hits the gridiron has ever seen.  My favorite defensive scheme was “Suicide Blitz” which was an all out attack on the quarterback.  You either get the sack for a loss of yards or they most likely score or get a huge gain that play.  Suicide blitzing was fun and created a lot of turnovers – it put the pressure on them to make a good counter play.  A classic high risk, high reward scheme.

Standard Pauper’s Izzet Blitz seeks to accomplish a similar task – to put the opponent on the defensive if possible and bring the beats!  Swarm them so hard they F6 on accident through their own turn, search for the wrong land with Evolving Wilds, and target the wrong creature with a spell meant for their hero!  OK that’s not exactly plausible, but that intensity is what this deck is trying to harness!

Click on the link below for the deck tech and my journey to 1st place at SPDC 28.07 today.  As they say, the best offense is a good defense!  Readyyyyy – Blitz!

I hope you’re looking forward to brewing with Dragons of Tarkir in the mix as much as me! Thanks for watching 😀

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Dragons of Tarkir Standard Pauper Set Review (with Bonus Sealed League videos)

Spoilers for Dragons of Tarkir have officially completed – time to go rate some commons! But first, some bonus footage of the Standard Pauper Sealed League, hosted by Gwyned.

Click on the picture below for the video playlist


I enjoyed the league a ton and hope that there will be more in the future!


A new labeling system is being implemented!  Changed from a 5-Star system to alphabetical grades as they are much easier to comprehend (at least for me :P)

A = Bad-Ass // Build-Around
(Treasure Cruise, Grey Merchant of Asphodel, Temur Battle Rage)

B = Playable
(Akroan Skyguard, Nullify, Read the Bones, Lightning Strike, Nessian Asp)

C = Borderline Playable
(Kill Shot, Negate, Bolt of Keranos, Invasive Species)

D = Borderline Unplayable
(Erase, Cancel, Feast of Dreams, Scouring Sands, Naturalize)

F = Strictly Unplayable

Dragons of Tarkir Set Set Review Video (click on picture below to listen!)

Dragons of Tarkir

One notable omission from my top 10 for Fate Reforged was Gurmag Angler – severely underrated!

Color Rank (based on the amount of impact this color will have on the current format)

5)  Red

4)  Green

3)  Black

2)  Blue

1)  White

Top 10 Commons

10) Vulturous Aven

9) Stampeding Elk Herd

8) Twin Bolt

7) Sidisi’s Faithful

6) Conifer Strider

5) Gravepurge

4) Anticipate

3) Elusive Spellfist

2) Pacifism

1) Center Soul

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