Awesome Video Replays (SPDC 27.08 Boros Heroic + MagicGatheringStrat League)

If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, you might not have noticed, but I’m really into making video replays now.  It allows me to explain things in much greater detail than I could merely typing up a tournament report.  Plus, as a health care provider, I know and teach about the dangers of excessive typing on the reg.  Especially on these poorly-designed laptops – why isn’t ergonomics an important part of the hardware design?  I digress.

First up – An undefeated run with Boros Heroic at SPDC 27.08 – my aggro deck of choice right now.

2nd up – A look at 4 whopping deck techs and 4 matches covering all 4 rounds of my swiss league matches from magicgatheringstrat‘s Standard Pauper sponsored league.

I was almost bored with the standard pauper meta after brewing Izzet Control about 2 months ago, but it seems like there are tons of viable decks and I bet there are more out there to discover.  Still, I could use the new set already – just a fan of change I guess.

I want to try out live-streaming style of videos in the future, too.  It will allow you to hear my thoughts as things are happening and you’ll be able to see me sideboard.  If you have any requests or critiques – share them – I have thick-skin and appreciate whatever feedback you dish out.

For one I notice that my body goes into oxygen debt once I start talking a lot or too fast and it makes me yawn uncontrollably.  Not the best sound and it messes up my flow.  I don’t hear many others having this problem as I have watched tons of draft videos from channelfireball, so I wonder what I’m doing wrong.  Might need to practice diaphragmatic breathing more.

Again, I’m all ears to requests/suggestions/critiques.  Thanks.

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