M15 Set Review for Standard Pauper

Trying something different.  Instead of writing all of my thoughts on how good or bad the new commons are, I decided to talk about them.  The system that I use is the following on a 0-5 scale:

BA = Bad-ass // Build-around = 4-5

P = Playable = 3-4

BP = Borderline Playable = 2-3

BUP = Borderline Unplayable = 1-2

SUP = Strictly Unplayable = 0-1

The objective numbers are listed in a range now since not every BA is a 5/5, etc.  Everything is relative so take that into account. 

Click on the image below for the video and enjoy 😀

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Creatureless Dimir Mill *1st* SPDC 20.128

This deck is the anti-fun of the format.  Your brew better be prepared for this match-up.  This is the best true control deck out there.  Watch some games to learn how it plays out!


Creatureless Dimir Mill Cover

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“M” Core Set All-Stars League

Concentration.  Game-time.




“M” Core Set All-Stars League

With its release on magic online a few weeks ago and IRL prereleases 2 weeks before that, M15 has turned out to be a pretty fun set to play.  I had a blast playing Team Sealed at #GPPortland last weekend and now it’s time for the new set make its impact on a new league!

After the success of the Multicolor Mayhem League hosted by Gwyned, I wanted to create a similar (awesome) format.  You know, a completely free league with a completely unexplored pauper format that will (hopefully) be incredibly fun to play.

I have already brewed a bunch of lists which I will share in this article to give you all a launch pad to brew on your own.

The format will include 6 Core Sets:  M10 through M15

Cards in each set

M10 – 229

M11 – 229

M12 – 229

M13 – 229

M14 – 229

M15 – 264 (random cards not in booster packs added to the pool for constructed formats)

That is the whole set numbers, not just the commons.  Small sets have ~150 cards, so with 6 large sets you better believe there will be a plethora of options.

Multicolor Mayhem was 2 blocks, which is was 3 large sets (RTR, GTC, ALA) and 3 small sets (DRG, CFX, ARB).  The card pools between these leagues are comparable, where the “M” Core Set All-Star League should have more total cards, but many of the cards in these core sets were reprinted in a later core set, so even though there are more overall cards in the entire pool, many of them have shown up in a previous “M” set.

Enough chit chat.  Let’s see what this format is capable of producing.  Here are my top 10 brews, in no particular order.

1) UR TempoBurn

UR TempoBurn

2) UB Control

UB Control

3) RW Aggro Auras

RW Aggro Auras

4) Mono White Aggro

Mono White Aggro

5) Mono Red Aggro

Mono Red Aggro

6) Mono Blue Tempo

Mono Blue Tempo

7) Mono Black Discard

Mono Black Discard

8) GU 187

GU 187

9) Dimir Mill

Dimir Mill

10) Bw Aura Control

Bw Aura Control

As you can see, the variety in this format is refreshing.  And the best part is, no one knows what decks are actually good, let alone how the match-ups play out.

I hope people brew some decks and practice some games (with me) in the next 2 weeks.  The deadline for deck submission will be Wednesday AUG 27rd PST at MIDNIGHT (24:00). Go to pdcmagic.com and registration is NOW OPEN.  JOIN UP AND LET YOUR BREW BREATH!

From there I will run it exactly like Gwyned ran the Multicolor Mayhem League – all through Gatherling.  Check your pairings, report your results, and check the standings all in one simple location.  No changing your decklist once it is submitted.  It doesn’t take much skill to create a reactionary deck based on what every other player has brought to the table.  I like to think of the league as a single tournament on a week delay.  Without the delay it would be considered a regular tournament, and you only ever get one decklist in those.  When we all have to make decisions without knowing the actual metagame it allows those with the best prep and theoretical knowledge of the format to do well.  I think that deserves to be rewarded.

Oh, and I’m sure I’m missing a sweet 5-color brew in my lists.  Don’t worry, that’s what I’ll be working on in the near future so hopefully by the time the league starts I’ll have a sweet one ready.

Thanks and please retweet and tell your standard pauper and pauper playing friends about this.  It’s free to enter and has straight money (tickets) as prize support (20 tickets in the prize pool).  Pure gravy-train value.  Drip, drip, dripping with all dat value!

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