Mono-Control (4-Color, No Red) *Top 4 Multicolor Mayhem League*

As promised, video replay analysis of not only my top 4 match, but also my top 8 match of the Multicolor Mayhem league.

You can find the metagame breakdown and all of the other decklists people played here.

Click on the picture below to view the entire playlist

Mono-Control Cover Page

Mono-Control Deck Tech

Top 8

Top 4


JK – I wish I made it to the finals : (

Aside on the whole concession conversation:  If I was friends IRL with my opponent and I was in his spot then I would have conceded on principle, as would expect most of my friends to do the same for me.  That is what I meant when I was trying to talk about etiquette.  Even though Adner and I are friends online, we have never met each other, never talked on the phone or skyped – so we don’t actually have the connection required to make scooping to a ‘friend’ the right play.   I’ll reiterate as well there is no pressure to scoop to someone just because one player asks for it.  We are dealing within the confines of an imperfect system with the chess clock, tapping dual lands for infinity time to extort someone out, and not wanting to lose hold of the competitiveness that we all have within us.


It is on.  This weekend is a go (7/27/14)!  It will be a good venue to test out your deck right before worlds the following day at MPDC.  Same time as MPDC.  11am register and 11:30am start time (PST).

We need a minimum of 8 players for it to fire.  Get there yourself and then tell your friends to show up, retweet, post, share, talk, spread the love, etc 😀


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3 thoughts on “Mono-Control (4-Color, No Red) *Top 4 Multicolor Mayhem League*

  1. I can easily understand your frustration losing to time in top 4. I would have felt the same as I told you, believe me bro’.

    MODO has strange timing rules, but they ‘ve always been there and we all gotta deal with them, they were written down before the event even started. I have no problem scooping to a friend, and you are a friend, no matter if we ever/never skyped or got in touch on the phone. Timed matches are what they are, I can’t count the times I had to concede before time ended on my side because of my choice to play a control list and not play fast enough to get a win.

    There was no way I would have conceded this to be honest with you, etiquette considering or whatever.
    I had 5 cards in hand and 3 minutes ahead on time, that’s my point of view, and I can’t fairly imagine what the end of this match would have been if it was not a timed match. Extort to death / killing extort creatures and maybe get by, who knows how it would have turned out in the end. We both made misplays and had great lists, and the whole event was a lot of fun indeed.

    Also about misplays / good plays all throughout the match : I did not know what you had in hand at all, so replaying the games and stating what a good play is in the commentary, is only highly subjective. And yeah, missclicks could happen on V3 as well. o-)))

    Looking forward to playing you again on Beta, though I know getting used to it will cost me a lot of timing-out matches. Insane battle as you said ! I’d like to highlight the role of the Deft Duelists in my list. They brought me so many games in the event that they were worth mentioning.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful reply man.

      Just to clarify – you were not 3 mins ahead on time – it was 2:08.
      You did have 5 cards in hand, but you were tapped out.
      You had 5 mana to my 7. I would have 4 cards in hand and a counter spell with the ability to put you to from 7 to 5 by attacking with the Sanctum Gargoyle and then down to 2 from extort holding up Psychic Strike for anything you did you try to interact with the Sanctum Gargoyle. I don’t think there was anything you could do to win that game. That’s the reason why the concession would happen IRL imo.

      I would be interested in knowing exactly what you had in had though – maybe I’m wrong and you had a chance! I basically know your entire list and there’s only so many things you can have in hand that are relevant, so it’s not that hard to use deductive logic to figure out what those cards could be.

      I understand the how time works and that it matters for the match outcome. Trust me, I’ve never timed out on V3 and usually time-out opponents. But at this point in time we were all used to 30 minute rounds – not the 25 the we played with using the beta. Also it was not an “even” match considered you were using V3 and I was using the Beta. That was my choice but whatever, no big deal. I just highly doubt this situation would have happened if we were both on V3 and playing 30 minute rounds like usual.

      Deft Duelist seemed really good against aggro – and you even crushed me game 2 with your sick aggro draw 😛

      Thanks again and good luck with things 😀

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