Mono-Blue Heroic *2nd Place MPDC 25.05*

Straw Poll Results

As you can see, people want to play more Standard Pauper.  SPDC will deliver that.  Both for North American players that don’t work on Sunday during the day and for European players that have the evenings available.

I chose to do the “M” Core Set All-Stars for the league mainly because it lets us incorporate M15, the newest set, as a prominent role in the format.  I like unexplored formats and core set is some of the most fundamental, skill-testing experiences we can have as a deck-builder and player.  I’m sure Gwyned will host another cool alternative format now that Multicolor Mayhem has completed, so hit him up if you really want that Odyssey + Innistrad or Onslaught + Lorwyn formats – they sound really sweet.

The rest of the article is for CullenCox.  Hopefully other people enjoy it as well, but he made the request to get some analysis of this deck since it won the event that they had streaming in Charleston, SC on the mulligantozero Twitch page.  He makes some cool token art (pictured above) to give out as prizes for the winners of the event.  It’s like an Invitational card – awesome.

I built this Mono Blue Heroic deck without knowing the list exactly but I came pretty close to the original list just from watching the winner play a few matches on the stream.  I was definitely impressed with the deck so I had to give it a try, especially when I hadn’t seen any other MPDC players championing the deck.

Follow the links below.  They will pop out to YouTube videos with me breaking down the deck and each match I played in MPDC 25.05.  Enjoy 😀

Mono-Blue Heroic Deck Tech

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Top 8

Top 4


Final Verdict

I was lucky to even be in the Top 8 and even luckier to get wins against awful match-ups. Play this deck when control decks aren’t rampant in the meta and you will go far.

Other Announcements

SPDC is NOT happening on 7/20/14 (this Sunday) because I will be out and about wine-tasting (perks of living in California).  Hosting is actually an easy job so I’m sure if someone wants to learn how to do it they could just ask me how and I can teach them so we have substitutes at the ready.  I will be traveling to GP Portland in early August as well as having just a crazy schedule in general, but I will host tournaments every Sunday that I am available.  I will make announcements on Twitter @DrChrisBakerDC so follow me there if you want to know what’s going on with SPDC.

Upcoming Article(s)

1) M15 Standard Pauper Set Review

2) Video Analysis of Mono-Control in Multicolor Mayhem Top 4 vs. Adner’s Legendary Esper (insane battle)

3) Video Analysis with Creatureless Dimir Mill *1st place SPDC 20.128*

4) “M” Core Set All-Stars League Info

Thanks for reading/watching 😀

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