The Gauntlet (Round 5) Video Replay Analysis + Deck Techs and More

Did we survive round 5?  No Spoilers – just videos.  Click on the screenshot image to pop open the videos and find out.

Loyal Boros (for some reason this one is starting playback in the middle, so be sure to “rewind” to the beginning)

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 1.18.25 AM

Currently I do not play this deck much because it isn’t really fun or interesting.  If I did, I would run the same list, as it’s close to perfect for an undefined meta-game.  I might have to tune it more once we see what people are playing with at the MPDC events.

Dimir Mill

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 1.23.06 AM

I think this build is suboptimal.  I have made some changes with this deck, but I don’t really play this deck right now either because it’s not really a fun deck to play with (or against).  If Brennon reads this and is allowed to edit the deck then this is what I think would be optimal for the current meta.

Main:  -1 Scryfish, -1 Pharika’s Cure, +1 March of the Returned, +1 Voyage’s End

Side:  -1 March of the Returned, -1 Feast of Dreams, +1 Balustrade Spy +1 Pharika’s Cure

Scryfish #1 is insanely good, #2 is pretty average, and #3 is completely unnecessary.  You can’t put every spell on the bottom and you actually want a decent # of lands in play in the early game, so his real utility is in the mid/late game transition when you have 6+ lands already and don’t want to see any more.

March + End allows the main deck to compete with other grindy decks by going infinite with Archaeomancer recurring spells and March recurring creatures.

Cure gets boarded out a lot but it so good against heroic and red aggro that you want access to the 4th.  The Spy has been over-performing as a beater/win-con with added value of blocking Kingpin’s Pet and Deathcult Rogue and living to tell the tale.

Negate, Cancel, and Nullify are all itching to be included somewhere in the 75 but I can’t seem to fit them in right now.

What deck do I actually play for fun?  Well, I guess my next article will have all of my post-Journey into Nyx brews.  The following are what I have actually been entering games wielding:

(In Order of Fun-ness)

UWR Crouching Cipher Hidden Strings (Aggro/Combo)

Cyclops Combo (Combo/Control)

Bw (Control)

Simic Flash/Evolve (Aggro/Control)

Mono-Green (Ramp/Control)

Esper (Control)


Shards/RTR Block

That special event last week was a better format than current standard pauper by an exponential amount.  Trust me, if you enjoy standard pauper and want something even better, go brew a deck for it.  I enjoyed it so much mainly because it’s unexplored and that makes it more fun to brew, but second mainly because the combination of two multicolor sets is sweet.  Third mainly, I have some spicy decks for that format.  Please play me in that format sometime.  I might have to make it and other “throwback, made-up formats” part of my new standard pauper series.  ETA a few weeks before that will be ready.

Thanks for reading/watching – appreciate the support.

And I know the screaming background fan noise sucks.  Someone please tell me how make it better if you know how (I have a MacBook Pro).  I ordered a nice gaming headset w/ microphone that hopefully doesn’t pick up the fan noise as much.  The problem seems to be that it goes into hyper-drive anytime I open a video.  The real fix would be to have it not do that, but how?

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