The Gauntlet (Round 4) Video Replay Analysis of My Decks

Welcome to my video analysis for Round 4 of the Standard Pauper Gauntlet.  Click on the links below to watch my commentary for matches played with my decks that I created.  These 3 videos represent the last remaining decks that I have alive in this grueling Gauntlet!

I watched Brennon play these matches when they first came out a few weeks ago and that was the only time I watched them before I did my commentary last night.  I did my best to give my thoughts on lines of play and things I agreed with and things I would have done differently.  Hopefully it’s educational and if you like learning from these let me know and I’ll be sure to do more in the future.  I greatly prefer communicating by video compared to writing articles, so there’s that, too!


Loyal Boros


Dimir Mill


Cyclops Combo

I hope to create more analysis with the next 2 matches for Dimir Mill and Loyal Boros in Round 5.  May they continue to prevail!  Best of luck to my man Brennon.  I have updated those 2 decks for Journey into Nyx inclusions, so hopefully those highlights are relevant and apparent in his future videos.

Thanks for watching – appreciate the support.

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6 thoughts on “The Gauntlet (Round 4) Video Replay Analysis of My Decks

  1. Gm 2 of Loyal Boros was absolutely hilarious. So many terrible plays I was laughing out loud. Great insightful commentary Baker. Listening to your alternate lines and thought process was actually entertaining and kept me watching. Suggestions: Make more video content as its good for you as player and fun for me to watch and second turn down that fan! 😉

    • Haha yeah that one was pretty sweet. I’d definitely keep it coming. I cannot control my dumb laptop fan. It goes into hyperdrive when I watch videos. My solution is to buy a gaming headset that doesn’t pick up the fan sounds, but if you or anyone else has another suggestions please let me know. I’m basically a computer noob.

  2. I really like this kind of stuff. Always when I play against GodZo it seems that no matter what decks we use, he always have an edge against me, specially when using combat tricks. When I played against Torreth in MPDC Worlds it was clear to me that a better player wouldn’t lose the second game like I did, but Torreth seemed to make the optimal decision every moment and when I made a big mistake he promptly recovered a game that was going easily for me. Watching insight videos like that helps “beginners” like me a lot. Good work, doc!

    • GodZo is a pretty good player indeed. Hopefully newer players can get better from digesting some content relevant to this format. If more players feel that they can compete, then our events will get a better turnout. I find that the game is actually more fun when played against especially good/savy players. It’s hard to do “broken” things in this format so you have to be good with technical play to gain every small edge that exists.

  3. Very interesting and educational. Good point is that it comes from the builder who submitted the lists and that ‘s you Chris ! Nice comments and feedback on deck walkthrough and general play strategies. Maybe worth a real Deck Tech document in case there is to be another STD Pauper Gauntlet. Keep up the good work Chris.

    • Yes, a deck tech is a good idea. I’ll definitely add that to the next round of Dimir Mill and Loyal Boros since I made changes to those decks for round 5. Thanks for the support!

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